Darlin you are perfect to me .Neymar Junior , David Luiz & One Direction ♛ MY FOLLOWERS (517)

So cute ❤

So cute ❤

Marcelo & Fred :)

Marcelo & Fred :)

Oscar 💕

Oscar 💕

Soccer Players + Smiles 💕

I was tagged by…. beernard-duarte   😘

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1. What made you join tumblr? And why?

I saw other people’s blogs and tought it was very cool to design your theme and post my own edits. And i could find people that like what i like too!

2. If you could have a power what would it be?

to be invisible

3. You are reading something lately? If yes, what is it?

A One Direction fan-fiction ;)

4. If you could be a son of a greek god, what would you be

i have nooooo clue :/

5. What profession you want to pursue or would you like?

Photography  😁

6. What’s the song that you are obsessing right now?

"Fireproof" ~ One Direction   💕

7. How many “likes” you have on your tumblr?

how many posts do i like?? 


8. Which man do you think the most hottest?

I CAN’T just pick one so, David Luiz, Neymar Jr. , Thiago Silva and Zayn Malik  

9. You like watching sports? If so, what?

only soccer !

10. You’ve been madly in love with someone?

yes :)

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nenaath: Hi, thank you for tagging me!, I just finished doing the list, It was really hard lmao (I mean the top 5 were easy but after that it was a battle haha)

Okay thank you soooooo much!!  😘 & you are very welcome :)

brithsavii: Ooohh someone like me! Feel like playing "hey soul sister" for this moment



Marcelo 💕

Marcelo 💕

David Luiz 😍

David Luiz 😍